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  CTCleanEnergyOptions is a Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) approved program that allows any CL&P or UI customer the opportunity to support clean energy made from approved renewable resources such as wind, solar and biomass. The program was launched in 2005 and now includes more than 25,000 customers, making it a “Top 10” national clean energy program in terms of customers and sales (out of more than 850 programs). Customers who enroll continue to receive electric delivery service from their utility and pay a small clean energy surcharge. Customers can enroll in this program even if they have chosen a competitive supplier for generation service. And if your community has joined the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities program, you are also helping your city or town qualify for a free solar electric system for a public building. It's an easy way to make a difference for your community, for Connecticut, and for our world.
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The Clean Energy campaign and logo were developed as part of a collaborative effort among several states working under the auspices of the Clean Energy States Alliance.